Friday, June 27, 2014

Date: June 27, 1927                        Weather: Warm, Sunny.
Place: Denver, Colorado   From Sterling, Colorado                  8:15-3:00 (2:00 western time)    

Via: Macadam gravel road

Impressions: .The drive today was warm but most delightful. Colorado is a very dry sandy state somewhat rolling with less trees than even the planes. The country consists of large prairies of sagebrush and along the roads, it is thick with yellow, black eyed susans. The corn or grain is thin and there are not as many cattle to be seen. We neared the mountains about noon and they were beautiful from a distance, a bluish hugh streaked with white. We are at Overland Park in Denver today. There are many camps here.
We saw Buffalo Bill's farm today. The fields were filled with Chinese pheasants.

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