Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24 1927

Tuesday, June 24, 1927

Date: June 24, 1927                        Weather: Very hot and dry
Place: North Bend, Nebraska           From Boone, Iowa      8:15-    :15    

Via Extremely dusty roads and brick highway

Impressions:Just as we had begun, like Iowa a little, and had four that it had some trees, a nice university and better roads we were sadly disappointed. We struck dusty sandy roads. the surrounding country nothing but vast plains. There was a stong gale (very hot) which blew the sandy poweder from the fields in long "smoke screen." It was miserable driving. We were covered with it. We found and old sand quarry in Nebraska where the roads have been heavenly and went fro a sim. It was great, but we felt real daring.

Tonight we were at No. Bend, Nebraska. the camp here advertised a lake. It was to our suprise also a sand quarry. Whew! It sure is hot!


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