Monday, June 30, 2014

Date: June 30, 1927                      Weather:  Great, warm, sunny.
Place: Pikes Peak                          From Denver, Colordo           10:00-

Via: Beautiful mountain sideroad  partly concrete

Impressions:  Today has been the most thrilling day so far experienced. W e arrived in Colorado Springs at about one and after pitching camp at Stone Wall Park went to see the home of the cliff dwellers at Manitau. We went thru all of the chambers, the guide explaining the use of them. They have a family of Indians there which danced for us. Then we went through the Cave of the Winds 200ft below the surface & 7000ft above sea level. The caves are filled with calcium formations. It was a 3/4 of a mile walk through. The climax of the day was the climb up Pikes Peak. It is the worst thrill I have ever had. The grade is at 45 degree angle and the curves were extremely sharp often with a drop of thousands of feet on both sides. Dad drove the Cadillac up and made it. Mother wanted to turn back. There was snow on the top and a strong gale was blowing. It was 25 degrees by the thermometer. On the top is a hotel and station. We went up at about 6:00 for sunset. The altitude affected our ears. We were all in.

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