Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Date: July 1, 1927                                            Weather: Cold, crisp Mountainous
Place: Berthaud Pass near Lauson                    From  Pikes Peak         12:00-8:00

Via: Mountain climbing- valley roads

Impressions:  We re at the most beautiful campsite tonight that we have ever been to with snow capped mts on all sides of which are just thick with pine. We are in the valley with woods & pine all about us and a cheerful campfire burning.  A mountain stream cascades right near our "front porch" and the air is cold, crisp and clear. It is too cold to be comfortable without a coat & sweater and loads of bed clothes. The entire country here is like this, the roads about the hills being steep and curved. There are mining towns all along here. They find gold, copper & coal mixed  Saw the Garden of the Gods which  consisted of many fantastic large agate like rocks. Brot some granite stone down from
Pike's Peak.

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