Friday, July 18, 2014

Date:  July 18, -Monday                                             Weather: Fine-sea

 Place:  Los Angeles                                           From  San Diego       

Via: Coast- sea shore road via Long Beach

 Impressions: We traveled most of the day today and ware staying at the Biltmore, a marvelous hotel. Los Angeles is a very congested city. All the way over here we could see people swimming in the seas. The bright colored parasols were marvelous. Long Beach is one of the fashionable places. A beautidul beach. We had dinner at a Spanish Cafe at San Comenius. We tasted enchiladas. Whew are they hot!!!! The tide came in as we finished. We saw the first show in a month tonight at theMetropolitan. Rube  was the headliner with an orchestra of 41 concert jazz artists. Four dancers and singers the picture Adolphe Menjou in "Service for Ladies."

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