Thursday, July 10, 2014

Date: July 10, 1927                                          Weather: Mountain then HOT-- then sea air -

 Place: Berkley/Oakland, California                                 From  Tahoe Lake, Cal             

Via: Steep wooded mountain pass and concrete roads

 Impressions:  The drive today was beautiful and decidedly thrilling and scenic. We traveled along a beautiful mountain ridge of the Sierras being able to look far beneath in the emerald waters of the mountain lakes or at the beautiful cascades and cataracts of the mountain streams. Everywhere were tall pine. It began to get hot near Sacramento and everything was dry. We noticed the prevalence of palm trees on the front lawns also large rose and geranium bushes. Orchards of apricots and plums were on every side and we bought a large basket full for 25c.Near Berkley we noticed the damp sea air. It is quite cool here.

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