Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Date: Friday, July 15th                                              Weather: Fine - Cool, warm and sunny

 Place:  Santa Maria (Hotel)                                             From  San Francisco         

Via: Concrete roads along the Pacific

 Impressions: Today Uncle Frank and Hope and ourselves started for Los Angeles and hope to see the fun at Tia Juana, Mexico, Sunday. We had dinner at the Alpine Tavern, a charming place with old fashioned china. We had our first taste of abalone. It is fine. This morning we had fresh figs with cream for the first time. Tonight we are at Santa Maria Inn, a beautiful place. Some peculiarities we noticed today were Training Schools for Police Dogs, Gold Fish Hatcheries, Groceterias, the predominancy of silver money. Saw Stanford U. and visited its chapel which is all mosaic work. It is certainly wonderful.

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