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Date:  July 20, 1927                                             Weather: Unusual sultry- hot and a few raindrops

 Place:  Los Angeles, Cal                                           From  Los Angeles     

Via: Hollywood and back

 Impressions: Daddy and Uncle Frank visited laundries all day while we went shopping. We bought three dresses, three hats, a curling iron and a flower. Tonight Mr and Mrs Truman took us to the Los Angeles Athletic Club for dinner and then out the Hollywood to the "Chinese" a marvelous place. The exterior as well as the interior is like a Chinese Palace. guards walk up and down the walls. Palms grow in the front and the usherettes are in Chinese costume some actually Chinese girls. The production King of Kings was played. It was simply super fine . In the concrete in from of the theater are the hand and footprints as well as signatures of Mary Pickford, Doug Fairbanks , the Talmadge sisters etc.

The King of Kings (1927) Poster

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