Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Date: July 2, 1927                                            Weather: Yes
Place:  Steamboat Springs                  From  Berthaud Pass near Lauson        

Via: Mountain curves- narrow paths

Impressions:  We found we were not as high up as we had contemplated even though it was so cold during the night we could see our breath. Our journey began by a steady climb up the curved narrow mountain passes which were borrowed by thick groves of pine and birch until we got to what is called the divide. At the top of this forested region we found large regions of snow surrounded by cream colored cowslips and beautiful large blue columbine. The altitude here was over 11000 feet. Several ladies had fainted who came up in sightseeing busses. They should try Pikes Peak!
While going down the from the ridge it poured constantly, but cleared up when we were ready to camp in the valley at Steamboat.

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