Saturday, July 5, 2014

Date: July 5                                                                Weather: Warm sunny

 Place: Salt Air Park, Salt Lake City                           From  Salt Lake City       

Via: City streets - good roads

Impressions:   Went to hear the organ recital at the Mormon Church. It was wonderful. The tabernacle is constructed of wood bound together with wooden pegs. The acoustics are marvellous and one could hear a pin drop from 200 ft away. The top acting as a violin. In the afternoon, we went to Salt air Park at Salt Lake and went swimming. It is the oddest sensation I have ever had. One bobs about like a cork and cannot swim decently at all.

We had our pictures taken there. We also danced there. They have the largest dance floor in the world. It was wonderful. It is built on 1,000 piles in Salt Lake.

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