Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Date: Sat., July 16, 1927                                             Weather: Fine - Cloudy then sunny

 Place:  San Diego                                            From  Santa Francisco Maria        

Via: Concrete roads along the sea

 Impressions: We rolled out at 5:00AM this morning in order to get to Tia Juana by sunday. We traveled all day and made 385 miles. Tonight we are stopping at the US Grant Hotel, a lovely place. All along the way were huge orange, olive and fig groves. The entire country is populated with flat roofed stucco houses. We also saw our first glimpse of the oil fields. "Signal Hill" has about 300 pumps to a block I think; just thick with scandling. We saw the sun set on the Pacific. It certainly was marvelous. It sunk right in the sea. Long Beach was great. We passed thru there.

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