Friday, July 11, 2014

Date: July 11, 1927                                          Weather: Temperate, cool-sunny

 Place: San Francisco                                       From  Oakland, Cal             

Via: Ferry boat- then 18 miles out to Burlingham

 Impressions:  This afternoon Billie and I took a walk down the main street of Oakland and found that there were many types of dark people especially Japs. One can't tell where Berkley ends and Oakland begins. Uncle Frank picked us up with his car and we wouldn't look at him at first. We saw the Metropolitan, United States, Ludry. There were many War Ships and even a Submarine in San Francisco Bay. In San Juan, there are many "Jackies." We went to Uncle Franks home. It is very beautiful especially the furnishings. The outside is stucco. Petty and Sonny are darling.

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