Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Date: July 8, 1927                                          Weather: Cool Mt.  Fine desert

 Place: Tahoe Lake, Cal                                  From  Winnemucca, Nevada          9:00-8:30    

Via: Dusty desert detours and gravel road  also mountain trails in California

 Impressions: The trip through Nevada was parching hot and dry into Reno. Desert land on every side with NO vegetation not even healthy sage brush could bee seen. The sandy surface looked like an old lake had. Here and there were salt formations in the ground. The roads were terrible, full of new gravel and sand. Reno was having a "Transcontinental Exposition." It is not a very large town but green for Nevada. Tonight e are 6,000ft above sea level in a wonderful Gont forest reserve. It is on Lake Tahoe and is full of pine forest It is cool and glorious.

Gas is 30c a gallon or 3 gallons for $1.00 on the desert. Whew!!

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