Thursday, July 3, 2014

Date: July 3, 1927                                            Weather: Warm day with showers

Place:  Vernal Utah                  From  Berthaud Pass near Lauson        

Via: Arid mountainous sandy regions- narrow paths-sandy

Impressions:  The trip today was entirely through arid rolling even mountain wastelands which consist mostly of sagebrush and cactus and are thickly inhabited by prairie dogs and grasshoppers which prevent any prosperous raising of crops. The horizon is every direction was nothing but high barren rolling mountains of sage brush with canyons and very picturesque formations of sand rock. The mts here seem to be of different blending shades of blue and violet which turn yellow gold and red close by. We passed many ranches and cowboys. We were informed that the day before we were at Berthaud Pass they had an inch of snow which was completely gone.

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