Thursday, July 17, 2014

Date: Sun, July 17, 1927                                             Weather:Sun- ideal

 Place:  Tia Juana-San Diego                                         From  San Diego       

Via: Car over the Mexican border

 Impressions: This has been one of the "most thrilling" days so far. We drove out to the World's Fair Grounds and saw the beautiful buildings that were erected there in 1915. The grounds are beautiful- a botanical garden. Then we went on to Tia Juana. That place is a revolation. It is the Monte Carlo of the western hemisphere. There are rows of saloons on all the streets where men and women are drinking, dancing if you can call it that, and playing at roulette wheels and slot machines. Mexican and white alike join the tussel. The music is savage jazz and beer is sol by the pitcher. Tonight the San Diego laundrymen entertained us at dinner.

We are staying at the US Grant Hotel.

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