Monday, July 14, 2014

Date: July 14, 1927                                               Weather: Fine as usual

 Place:  San Francisco                                             From  Burlingame          

Via: Bus- (monkey trees - birds nests etc)

 Impressions: We slept almost until noon today and went shopping this afternoon. Mother met some friends down town and later we met everyone at Mrs. Brown's after which we went to Marquardts, a ritzy cabaret. They say its the ritziest. It was fine. They had a charming chorus, and the place itself is beautiful. We had 14 in our party; our family, Frank, Hope, Petty, Sonny, Ida, Hope's sister, Mr and Mrs Brown, Mr and Mrs Greeley, Mrs (Eringson?) Last night we all had darling corsages from Mr Brown's store. It was fun.

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