Saturday, July 12, 2014

Date: July 12, 1927                                          Weather: Fine, Fair and warm. Dry tho

 Place: Burlingame                                             From  San Francisco           

Via: Uncle Frank's Buick

 Impressions: The streets in Burlingame, the aristocrat section of San Francisco are bordered by hug Eucalyptus trees which shed their bark and look very barren. Today we had lunch at a cute place on the sea coast and we watched the ocean. It was wonderful and clear. We also saw the famous Golden Gate strait with high rocks bordering each side. The Golden Gate Park is beautiful. Shopped the rest of the afternoon and tonight we had a wonderful dinner at Leah Browns. We had all kinds of new food: alligator pears, Italian bean, Spechinis, and large half ripe olives. After that we went for a drive through Chinatown and up to twin peaks.

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