Monday, July 21, 2014

Date:  July 21, 1927                                             Weather: Hot, sunny

 Place:  Hollywood                                         From  Los Angeles     

Via: Universal City

 Impressions: Today was an intensely interesting day spent at Hollywood in the Universal Studios.  We were accompanied by Mr Fuller's Secretary who arranged for our admittance. It is almost impossible to get in otherwise. We saw three pictures actually in the "shooting" The titles were "the Four Flusher" (with Wesley Ruggles directing, Marian Nixon ), "Dangerous Trails",  and " Jesse James" with  Jack Purin and keath-kut

The first was an office scene. Acting is certainly tedious. One part is taken over five or six times sometimes all day. We saw one act which was especially interesting. The hero waas shot and fell over and over again. Music is played all during the acting. The actors often talk about loud. Larg fans were used to keep the actors cool.

Tonight we went to the Pantages and saw DOug Fairbanks Jr in Zat Lo  He is the bunk but the picture was fine funny los Vaudeville followed.

Jesse James (1927) Poster

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